Collection Services

Northeast Revenue Service, LLC, provides superior collection services for municipal and private entities by increasing and accelerating cash flow.  We specialize in managing a County's Tax Claim Bureau and collecting municipal fees such as refuse, sewer, water, etc, for municipalities.

Tax Claim Bureau

Northeast Revenue Service, LLC is the only entity in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania with experience collecting delinquent real estate taxes under both the Real Estate Tax Sale Law  (RETSL) and the Municipal Claims and Tax Liens Act (MCTLA).  Our experience has allowed us to create a unique collection program that combines the best of both provisions of RETSL and MCTLA.  


Third Party Collection Termination

Northeast Revenue Service, LLC, provides legal and collection services to municipal governments in terminating their third party collection agreements. Our firm enters as attorney of record for the municipality and processes and satisfies any remaining receivables due under the third party contract. Northeast Revenue Service, LLC, also provides a detailed accounting of all transactions for our clients.


Capital Placement and Structuring

Northeast Revenue Service, LLC provides consulting services to both municipal and private clients in placing debt or equity capital for financing needs including delinquent tax claim sale funding, tax notes, bond issuance, interest rate derivatives, real estate and equipment l loans, lines of credit, and other services.


Bond Counsel

Through our affiliate law firm, Caverly, Shea, Phillips, and Rogers LLC, we provide bond counsel services for the complex issuance of municipal bonds.


Penn Revenue